Religious Education for Children and Youth Survey

Religious Education for Children and Youth (pre-K through high school) Survey
Essential to the mission of our Cathedral parish is engagement in lifelong spiritual formation in the Roman Catholic tradition. Each of us is an important part of the Body of Christ. The goal of the Cathedral's Religious Education Program for Children and Youth (preK-high school) is to educate children in their faith, and also to create a community where children learn to live their faith by observing and participating in the lives of those around them. We do this by listening to God’s Word with the children and by sharing history of Christians trying to be faithful to that Word. Catechists and family partner to enrich our children in their understanding of what it means to be a Christian. As we plan the year ahead, while dealing with social distancing recommendations that may loosen and tighten over the coming months, we invite you to please weigh in with your thoughts and suggestions.

If classes are offered on the Cathedral campus are you comfortable enrolling your child/children for the coming year?
Do you know if you have the capability with your own technology – cell phone, laptop, computer, ipad - for your child to participate in classes virtually?
Would you need assistance to set up your equipment to participate in this way?
Please choose one.