2021 Stewardship – An Act of the Heart

2021 Stewardship - An Act of the Heart

From Pandemic to Post-Pandemic and Beyond

As the new year begins, so does our Cathedral Stewardship year. There will be some familiar elements to accompany the roll-out of the year: mailing of a stewardship letter and form; hearing from committed parishioners at Masses on the January 23/24 weekend; a special stewardship message from Fr. Linebach on January 30/31; and Commitment Sunday the weekend of February 13/14.

What’s new? There will be one question we will all be asked to discern on the stewardship form. Living through the pandemic, we have had to rethink so many ordinary parts of our lives, and each of us probably has a real sense of what is essential to build upon. Let us know what is on your heart, your vision, for our parish as we go forward.

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