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Late August 2020

We continue to correspond with our sister parish in Jérémie, Haiti. Below is the latest response to a recent e-mail.  It appears they are going with much the same things as we are. Our Cathedral continues to help them with expenses for school lunches – for many of the students, the only meal they may have that day.  Please keep them in your prayers.


~Jack Lydon, Sister Parish Committee

Hello Jack Lydon,


I am happy to hear from you and from the Cathedral of the Assumption. I give thanks to God who protected you from Covid-19.


In the parish of Saint Louis Cathedral in Jérémie, the number of victims of Covid-19 is not high compared to other places in the world. The resumption of religious services with assemblies is possible since July 12, 2020. However, barrier measures remain compulsory for parishioners and clergy. As at home, wearing masks is essential to access religious services in Saint Louis Cathedral of Jérémie.


Schools have been operating normally in Jérémie since August 10, 2020. The pupils of the Sainte Thérèse school are currently taking the exams which were interrupted in March 2020. They will soon have the results of the exams for the 2019-2020 school year. The 2020-2021 school year will start without interruption with the previous school year.


I welcome your new parish priest, Father Martin Linebach, Vicar General of the Archdiocese. May the Virgin Our Lady of the Assumption keep him under her maternal mantle and accompany him in his ministry to the parishioners of the Cathedral of the Assumption!


Hurricane Laura didn’t damage Jérémie. We were protected this time. We give thanks to God.

The Saint Louis Cathedral of  Jérémie remains united with the sister church, the Cathedral of the Assumption by prayer and thought.


May the Lord bless our respective parish


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