54 day Christmas Novena begins Nov. 2

54 Day Christmas Novena begins Nov. 2

The Director, Chaplain, and entire Family Renewal Project Team are eternally grateful to ALL who participated in the The Way of Trust 54-Day Rosary Novena — it has truly been our honor to pray with each and every one of YOU!

We’ve received many, many messages telling us how much you’ve enjoyed being connected in prayer with so many others during a time when we are so disconnected. If you would like to establish a connection with the Family Renewal Project, you can subscribe to our mailing list by going to clicking here. We send two electronic newsletters a month.

So what’s next? Many have indicated a desire for ongoing prayer and we too have felt the Holy Spirit leading us to offer another 54-Day Novena. We invite you to join us in . . .

The Christmas Way of Trust 54-Day Novena
Begins on All Souls’ Day, 
Nov. 2nd
Ends on 
Dec. 25th, Christmas Day 2020

Similar to the last Novena, we will pray our Intention Prayer for the first 27 Days; then our Prayer of Thanksgiving for the next 27 days. The Novena will conclude on December 25 as we thank God for the divine way He gifts us with JESUS CHRIST!

To participate yourself  click here.  To invite a  friend, please copy and paste the following link or forward this email and invite them to click it: http://bit.ly/wayoftrust

Click here to visit the Way of Trust Facebook Group. 

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