Congolese Family Arrives

Congolese Family News

Mother, Aline; Younger Son, Merci; Younger Daughter, Josiane; Older Daughter, Aime; Older Son, Bonke.


On Wednesday, November 13, our refugee family arrived at the airport around 6 pm! Members of our team were on hand to greet and welcome the family of five. There were smiles and handshakes all around. Even more comforting for them was that an uncle and friends who had lived in the refugee camp with them who are now Louisville residents had come out in full force to welcome them.  We offer gratitude for all the support and prayers and interest. Our mentoring team continues walk with them as they settle into life in Louisville.  There was a tree decorating party at their apartment, and members of the team brought them to the dinner and Advent Lessons and Carols here.  There have been on other outings during the holidays.  Both Aline and Bonke have jobs now, and the other three are in school.    Click here for photos of their new home, an apartment outfitted and stocked thanks to Cathedral family generosity. Blessings on them and their new life here!

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