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EdChoice KY - upcoming legislation
Over 70,000 students in Kentucky attend some form of nonpublic school. As a result of the inclusion of nonpublic schools in the recently passed CARES Act, these students will have access to crucial services that will help them to continue to learn and grow during this time of crisis. Of course, students and schools will continue to face challenges.

Many families will be unable to afford the cost of nonpublic school tuition due to lost income and donations are expected to decline as a result of economic uncertainty. This could result in school closures that would be disruptive to Kentucky families in desperate need of educational options.

Please take a moment to contact your Members of Congress to ask for emergency aid to nonpublic schools and families in the next COVID-19 Legislation package. Our requests include: equitable access to K-12 federal funds for nonpublic schools, direct funding to families for tuition aid and tax relief for K-12 tuition payments.

If you wish to weigh in on this, contact Congress today by clicking here. 

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