July 15 Message from our Sister Parish in Haiti


July 15 Message from our Sister Parish in Haiti
Mr. Jack Lydon,
Good morning! Thank you very much for your message after the assassination of President Moise. In Jeremie, the situation is calm. There is no problem. But the people are in a state of shock.
The Sainte Therese School is closed for summer recess. We were very happy to end the school year without any difficulty. We were afraid of the contamination and propagation of Covid-19 in the school, but the year ended with a flourish.
The new school year will begin on September 6, 2021. We will have a new class in third cycle, 9th fundamental classroom.
My thanks to you and the people of Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral for your financial support for the school lunch program at Sainte Therese School and for your prayers. May Our Lord bless and keep you all!
Fr. Marc-Arthur Emile
Pastor of Saint Louis Cathedral
A side note: Gary Boice, parishioner and Tek4kids founder, was in Haiti at the time of the assassination. He safely made it back home this week.



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