Volunteers from the parish work as catechists, teaching Religious Education classes and being role models for our young parishioners. All catechists are required to attend Safe Environment Training, provided by the Archdiocese of Louisville, and are encouraged to become certified by the Archdiocese as well.  Many of our catechists have earned certification as Associate, Advanced, or Master Catechist.

 Our Catechists



Julia Barker


Emily Benson

Emily has been at the Cathedral since 2013

She is teaching second grade and preparing the children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion

She lives in Louisville with her husband and 2 boys, Boss and Henry. She went to the University of Kentucky and works in marketing.

She likes our Religious Education program because she absolutely loves the Cathedral of the Assumption.  It fills her up each week to attend Mass and then to spend an hour with our kids. She appreciates the opportunity to watch our kids grow and learn from weekly messages.



Patricia Cervera

Patricia has been at the Cathedral almost 24 years, minus the 2 1/2 years that she lived in Mexico.

She teaches 1st grade and assist on whatever George asks me to help. Have been teaching religious education for almost 14 years. She also led and was assistant leader for Children’s church for several years

She has two 2 children, one graduated college and is going back to school for graduate education, and a senior in High School. I have been stayed home mom/volunteer for a long time. My husband and I are back to school, pursuing masters on public health and advanced oncology. We both are physicians.

She likes to participate on the Religious Education Program at the Cathedral because she can share with the children her love for our faith, and many of the things she has learned through teaching. Being a catechist has allowed her to learn from the children too.

At the beginning, she answered yes to the ministry in order to learn to be able to teach my own children, but with the time and through the years she feels that she is the one that has learned the most. The need to teach and share has pushed her to deepen her own faith and knowledge. For as many years as I have been a religious education teacher I have been a participant of Bible studies, religious classes or courses and whatever opportunity that comes her way.

Joan Huber

Joan has been at the Cathedral since 1993

She is the Youth Minister, ministering to the high school students (Freshman – Seniors) that attend the Cathedral

She is married to Scott Huber and has four grown children, Michael, Cassandra, Nathaniel and James.  She graduated from Spalding University in 1990 with a BA in Mathematics.  She as been at UPS for 27 years, 24 in management.  She has her Masters of Theology in Pastoral Studies with an emphasis in youth ministry from Loyola University, New Orleans and has her Master Catechist Certificate.

She likes our Religious Education program because she likes that the youth group is a combination of not only social activities, but also continuing to learn about their faith.  Learning about one’s faith does not stop after Confirmation.

Scott Huber

Scott has been at the Cathedral since 1988

He is teaching fifth and sixth grades

Scott is married to Joan Huber and has four grown children, Michael, Cassandra, Nathaniel and James.   He graduated from the University of Louisville in 1997 with a BS in Engineering Computer and Mathematics. Scott works at FedEx, and has been there for 10 years.  He also has his Associate Catechist Certificate.

He likes our Religious Education program because he enjoys helping the kids to continue on their journey in becoming more knowledgeable in their faith.

Anne Ratterman

Anne has been at the Cathedral since 2013

She is retired since June 2017 after 30 years in the hospitality industry in hotel convention sales. She is also a licensed Funeral Director.  She is the Grandmother to 5 grand-daughters, 3 children.  She enjoys volunteering, hiking, walking, yoga, music, concerts, and meditation.

The Religious Education program at the Cathedral has been so wonderful for my now 14-year-old granddaughter that when asked if she would teach the 4th grader this year, I had to give back and say yes!

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca has been at the Cathedral since 1988

She has worked at JFK Montessori for 9 years

She is teaching pre-K and Kindergarten for 7 years

She has one daughter who is 9 years old and participates in the Religious Education program

Rebecca likes our Religious Education program because she enjoys getting to know the children in our parish.

Kathy Taylor

Kathy Taylor has been at the Cathedral since 1988

She is teaching third grade

Kathy graduated from the University of Louisville in 1978.  She completed her Master Catechist Certificate in 2015

She is retired from the Jefferson District Court Probate Division after 27 years of service

She has two children, Rebecca and Douglas, and one granddaughter

She likes our Religious Education program because she likes to share with the children how Jesus wants them to grow in their knowledge of our faith.  They are few in number, but big in their desire to grow along their own faith journeys.  She said yes to being a Catechist because she believes she grows in her own faith along with the third graders to whom she ministers.