Haiti News

Gary Boice and his TekKids organization continue to be a primary source of information on conditions in Jeremie, Haiti. On March 23, Jack Lydon and Dave Puckett got an Email from Gary telling us that schools had been shut down due to COVID-19, as they are here.  He and his team have gathered technical equipment from the various schools for safe keeping, including the smartboard equipment at St Therese Montessori which was provided by the Cathedral Haiti Fund.

The Haitian Tek4Kids staff has been trained to provide purified water to the community from 6 Tek4Kids water purification stations – including the one at St Therese Montessori. They will be able to provide over 10,000 gallons of purified water daily.

Clean water and hydration is a key element to prevent and treat the illness from the virus, this should have a significant positive impact on the health of Jeremie.

Gary and his son Michael left Haiti on March 25 and finally arrived in New Albany late on March 27.  Cathy has Gary isolated in his office and Michael isolated in the basement!

On March 29, Jack Lydon received this email from Fr Marc-Arthur:

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption,

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ,
The parish of the Cathedral of Saint Louis of Jérémie thanks of each brother, each sister of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in these difficult times that live in the United States of America, severely affected by the coronavirus. We remain united with you in prayer. May the Lord save our world!

With all my heart, Father Marc-Arthur Émile,
Pastor of the Saint Louis Cathedral of Jérémie.

We all need to continue our prayers for our sister parish, Cathedral St Louis of Jeremie, Haiti.  Although schools are not in session, we still need your Haiti donations.  Children are still being fed.  Likewise, Tek4Kids.org needs your support.

April 22, 2020 – An update from Gary Boice, Tek4Kids Founder:
Tek4Kids is responding to the coronavirus pandemic in Haiti by providing purified water to the residents of Jeremie, Haiti at no cost to them. To date, we have purified and distributed 100,000 gallons of clean water to more than 25,000 visitors since we began the project three weeks ago.
Because school is not in session, we are utilizing Tek4Kids’ six partner school water purification systems located in Jeremie as distribution points where people can come for purified water. Most people in the community do not have access to clean water for drinking and hand-washing, so this is an essential step in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

In addition to the important work Tek4Kids is doing, we have partnered with several other groups in the community to extend our reach. Hopestart International is working to provide 5000 sanitation stations (buckets with spigots and other handwashing necessities) to the community. You can find out more here:

Tek4Kids has teams of four at each partner school location, plus one team purifying water and one management team, for a total of 32 Tek4Kids staff members working on this project. They purify and distribute the water six days per week.
At each of our distribution sites, we are following the Haitian government’s COVID-19 mandates:  we cannot have more than ten people inside the gates at any time and we must maintain distance between each person in line.

Our goal in all these efforts with purified water is to minimize the threat of the coronavirus to the people of Jeremie in hopes they can weather this storm as they have so often in the past.If you would like to help Tek4Kids continue its efforts in responding to the pandemic in Haiti, please visit: www.tek4ids.org/donate/. Thank you!