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Link to July 23 online newsletter

Link to July 23 online newsletter


Inquiry Opportunities

Interested in Becoming Catholic? - Inquiry Opportunities
If you have thought of becoming Catholic, or if you have questions about the Catholic Church, you are invited to come to an Inquiry Session on Sunday, August 22 or August 29, at 10:30 am, in the Cathedral Undercroft. RCIA classes for the coming year will begin Sunday, September 12, after the 9:30 Mass.
For additional information,
please contact our Pastoral Associate, George Kaissieh,


Religious Education PreK-12

Registration for Children's Religious Education Classes

Religious Education classes for grades preK-8th and High School, will begin Sunday, September 12, after the 9:30 Mass in the Patterson Building. At the Cathedral of the Assumption we offer sacramental preparation in the 2nd for Reconciliation and 1st Communion and in the 8th grade for Confirmation. In person registration will be available after the 9:30 Mass in the back of Church on Sunday, August 1st and Sunday, August 8th.

To register online click here.  

For further information please contact George Kaissieh (


Presentation on the Eucharist

The Eucharist,
Christ’s Farewell Gift of Peace
Led by Fr. Adrian Burke, OSB
Sunday, August 8
Cathedral Undercroft
The same conference will be offered twice –
following 9:30 am Mass and following Noon Mass
No reservations required

Join us in reflecting on the deep meaning of the Holy Eucharist. As Catholics, we believe that the Crucified and Risen Lord is truly and substantially present among us and for us in the Eucharist in several ways—in the Word, preached and proclaimed; in the gathering of the disciples; in the ministry of the priest; and in the Bread broken and the Cup shared in fellowship.

July 15 Message from our Sister Parish in Haiti


July 15 Message from our Sister Parish in Haiti
Mr. Jack Lydon,
Good morning! Thank you very much for your message after the assassination of President Moise. In Jeremie, the situation is calm. There is no problem. But the people are in a state of shock.
The Sainte Therese School is closed for summer recess. We were very happy to end the school year without any difficulty. We were afraid of the contamination and propagation of Covid-19 in the school, but the year ended with a flourish.
The new school year will begin on September 6, 2021. We will have a new class in third cycle, 9th fundamental classroom.
My thanks to you and the people of Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral for your financial support for the school lunch program at Sainte Therese School and for your prayers. May Our Lord bless and keep you all!
Fr. Marc-Arthur Emile
Pastor of Saint Louis Cathedral
A side note: Gary Boice, parishioner and Tek4kids founder, was in Haiti at the time of the assassination. He safely made it back home this week.



Link to Cathedral Youtube Channel

Link to Cathedral Youtube Channel


July 16, 2021 online newsletter

Click here to view July 16, 2021 online newsletter


Tek4Kids, Inc

May 2021 Update from Tek4Kids, Inc.

May 2021 Update from Tek4Kids – click here.

Tek4Kids, Inc. (Gary and Cathy Boice’s nonprofit) uses education and technology to break the poverty cycle in Haiti.  They provide existing schools in Haiti with clean water, electricity, computers and teachers.  Children share clean water with their families, reducing instances of cholera and waterborne illnesses. Students that receive computer skills from the Tek4Kids program will be able to find much more advanced jobs despite the high unemployment rate in the area. To learn more about Tek4Kids, visit


2021 Stewardship – An Act of the Heart

2021 Stewardship - An Act of the Heart


Walking in My Shoes: Challenge to Eradicate Racism

Walking in My Shoes: Challenge to Eradicate Racism

Click here to see this publication from the Archdiocese of Louisville Office of Multicultural Ministry and Catholic Charities of Louisville.



Cathedral Repair Affair Team, June 26, 2021

Corpus Christi Procession June 6, 2021

Saint Joseph Statue Restored and Blessed at the Cathedral on the
Feast of Saint Joseph, March 19, 2021

Team Cathedral Ready to Go!  The return of indoor lunch in Cathedral’s Sandefur Dining Room, May 24!

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Hail, Full of Grace!
Cathedral of the Assumption
Legacy and Vision Campaign
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Tek4Kids has been providing water to people of Jérémie while schools were shut down.  Click on the image to view the video that was shot at St Therese, the Parish School associated with Cathedral St Louis, our sister parish.



Cathedral Online Pictorial Directory

Cathedral Online Pictorial Directory

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Mass Schedule


M-F 12 noon
Saturday 5:30 pm
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Celebrant and Homilist Schedule for July 24/25, 2021


Mass Celebrant & Homilist
July 24
5:30 pm
Fr. Martin Linebach
July 25
9:30 am
Fr. Martin Linebach
July 25
Fr. Ronald Knott
July 25
5:30 pm
Fr. Martin Linebach


Wednesday, 11:00-11:45 am

Saturday, 4-5 pm


Steiner-Reck Organ The 42 rank tracker organ has mechanical key action, and electric stop action. The gothic style casework is made of hand-carved mahogany.
Garden of Benevolence The stained-glass window in the garden was commissioned by the Cathedral Heritage Foundation during the 1994 renovation of the Cathedral.
Wood-carved Bosses The ornate woodcarvings or bosses on the ceiling were originally installed as a means for ventilation into the attic.
Arched Windows The Cathedral is designed in Neo-Gothic style. The arched windows of hand-painted glass allow sunlight to create beautiful images through-out the nave.